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Kangaroo Kids Play School, one among the top international schools in Bangalore helps your youngsters with a solid knowledge base forever. We convey rich curriculum that engages and empowers kids to grow thoroughly. The educational program is intended to hone their language abilities which can be visible in writing, reading, talking and that too in a protected,secure and fun condition.

Kangaroo Kids, a known daycare in Bangalore has a normal routine apt for a kid that is followed every day. In our centres, the staff members are known to be adaptable, letting kids follow their own regular rhythms. As kids become more seasoned, the centres follow some specific schedules at specific times. Prepared teachers here at this one of the best international schools make customized learning encounters intended to energize a constructive mental self-view while praising every kid's interesting character, knowledge and innovativeness.

Kangaroo Kids Preschool Program being one of the top international schools in Bangalore is structured dependent on the essential understanding that a kid's mind experiences phenomenal improvement in the initial six years of life. Kangaroo Kids, one of the best international schools enables your kid to set out on the excursion of long lasting learning and establishes a strong framework for scholarly and social advancement. The focal point of Kangaroo Kids, daycare in Bangalore is to ingrain autonomous learning, innovative reasoning and brilliant relational abilities to arm your kids to prevail in tomorrow's reality.


The school aims to produce young individuals who will be caring and committed Indians while they create a place for themselves in the global community.


To enable our students to become professionally successful and personally secure individuals. To tap the potential of our students and bring about a strong sense of personal and academic excellence. To provide an environment of safety and security for our students so that the school is truly a home away from home. To encourage our students to contribute to the growth and welfare of our society by being responsible citizens. To endeavor to build a strong bond with the community as a recognized hub of human goodness.

Our Core Values


Developing innovative ideas and putting them into practice successfully; pioneering 'non rote' learning.


Foster an environment that respects and promotes creativity.


We put our key stakeholder, namely the child, at the center of our existence.


Pursue development of quality products and services-best in class that set benchmarks for the industry. Transparency, dignity, respect for self and others.


The best solution comes only when we work together and approach solution and methodology that imbibes our combined experience.

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